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Nurture Infant Gut Health Naturally

learn BabyCues Bio-logical (life-logical) Practice

BabyCues Bio-logical Practice is all about holistically nurturing digestive health for the ages of newborn to two years through understanding and respectfully responding to an infant's full array of cues, inclusive of my discovery of the Six-Wind-Cues, whilst implementing care that is in harmonious alignment with their digestive function to create and maintain comfort and positive health outcomes.
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I focus on NATURALLY treating…

Digestive Overload...

which is my discovery of the true physiological cause of colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, lactose and dairy overload, and some cases of mis-diagnosed cow's milk protein intolerance. All of which are not normal, can be healed naturally and actually do not have to exist for our children. You don't have to wait for your baby to grow out of it!

Use my Bio-logical Care practice for newborns to six-month-olds and begin to see your baby living without pain. Or avoid it altogether by learning this practice while pregnant.

I focus on digestive gut health for…

Solids Weaning...

Choose a balanced, healthy pathway that all infants can benefit from when introducing solid food. Bio-logical Weaning respectfully nurtures our children alongside their teeth and digestive development, while delivering necessary nutrients for optimal growth.

This method of Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow is also perfect for Digestive Overload sufferers from ages six to twenty-four months.

I focus on delivering new discoveries…

BabyCues Six-Wind-Cues...

All newborns are born with the propensity to experience Aerophagia, making it absolutely necessary that all new parents learn about my discovery - that we are all born with Six-Wind-Cues.

Knowing these cues is universally life changing for our human development and our children's comfort within their digestive function.

Dr Nagrani - Pediatrician

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"Philippa changed my life with my baby tremendously, and my patients lives. I really hope you have an opportunity to share this super valuable information to medical personnel, to health professionals so we can help more people. I know I will be distributing your reasoning and scientific rational widely and referring mothers to you for sure."

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Burp Your Baby Well...

I totally wish all parents, pregnant or with a newborn, were taught how to burp their baby well because doing so, significantly reduces Digestive Overload symptoms, whilst creating calm for baby, and a heightened enjoyment of breastfeeding for Mums.  So why wait right? Click watch and learn more about the effects of trapped air, myths and my ten-step method of burping.

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Transend those overwhelming feelings, collect those questions and make a huge leap toward clarity, understanding, and solutions by booking a consult with me. Join the thousands of other parents that have called this help a "godsend" and a "complete game-changer" - this logical evidence-based support is seriously like no other - that's why it works!

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Christine, is not only a fabulous friend and inspirational coach for so many women, she is one of the lovely mother’s that I had the joy of advising , and on her Podcast "Over It & On with It", we touch on her journey as a Mum. Like so many of you, she heard that “Reflux is normal!” “She’s having a growth spurt – feed her more.” We chat breastfeeding, baby gas, digestive comfort, and intuitive knowing, along with the results of delivering digestive balance with spaced out feeding for her daughter Athena.

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Midwife Pip

The Truth About Colic in Babies is the content in my in-depth interview on the wonderful Midwife Pip Podcast. Pip is a practicing Midwifery Sister for the NHS in the United Kingdom and an advocate of pelvic health after birth, with a wealth of experience, and a drive to empower women with evidence-based information. In our conversation we talk through, why I define colic and reflux differently? A baby's Six-Wind-Cues, and how I discovered these. What I would love to see changed so we can heal colic and reflux, and I share three top tips for parents.

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Lady Nadia Essex

Bio-logical Weaning and how best to introduce solid food, is what I discuss with Lady Nadia Essex, the Baby Blogger for OK Magazine, and host of her UK podcast 'The Clueless Mum', after she used this method with her son Ezekiel. We talk about my fast-growing method of "Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow Weaning," the ideal time to start solids from the perspective of an infant’s developing digestive system, what foods are best to start with and why.⁠ 

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