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BabyCues Bio-logical Practice, delivers researched based guidance on how to holistically balance your baby's and infant's digestive development from newborn to two years of age, whilst also understanding their full array of innate communication, including my discovery of our humanistic Six-Wind-Cues, so you can enable ultimate feeding, burping and sleep patterns through creating digestive comfort.
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I focus on NATURALLY treating…

Digestive Overload...

which is my discovery of the true physiological cause of colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, lactose and dairy overload, and some cases of mis-diagnosed cow's milk protein intolerance. All of which are not normal, can be healed naturally and actually do not have to exist for our children. You don't have to wait for your baby to grow out of it!

Use my Bio-logical Care practice for newborns to six-month-olds and begin to see your baby living without pain. Or avoid it altogether by learning this practice while pregnant.

I focus on digestive gut health for…

Solids Weaning...

Choose a balanced, healthy pathway that all infants can benefit from when introducing solid food. Bio-logical Weaning respectfully nurtures our children alongside their teeth and digestive development, while delivering necessary nutrients for optimal growth.

This method of Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow is also perfect for Digestive Overload sufferers.

I focus on delivering new discoveries…

BabyCues Six-Wind-Cues...

All newborns are born with the propensity to experience Aerophagia, making it absolutely necessary that all new parents learn about my discovery - that we are all born with Six-Wind-Cues.

Knowing these cues is universally life changing for our human development and our children's comfort within their digestive function.

Dr Nagrani - Pediatrician

"Philippa changed my life with my baby tremendously, and my patients lives. I really hope you have an opportunity to share this super valuable information to medical personnel, to health professionals so we can help more people. I know I will be distributing your reasoning and scientific rational widely and referring mothers to you for sure."

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BabyCues Four Global...

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Unite with us as we strive to share proven knowledge and responsive care practices that place a spotlight on the infant's perspective. Philippa's original findings show us it's time to revolutionise infant gut health, and further uplift intimate understanding for the ages of newborn to two years. We need to evolve and transform for our young's holistic health.


Hi. Nice to have you here. 

I’m Philippa Murphy, an awarded Postnatal & Infant Gut Health Practitioner, with a focus on helping parents balance digestive comfort through fuller understanding of their newborns cues, and innate digestive development from birth to two years. I also have a deep-seated wish that all newborns and infants, and all parents, are ideally given the tools they deserve and require to thrive, and I cherish any opportunity to empower parents with knowledge that will enhance confidence, so their intuitive care and love can develop in the best way possible. 

In 2022 I was accepted to train Health Visitors and Feeding Specialists in the United Kingdom, and previously had the beautiful experience of supporting Kate Winslet with her daughter, and royalty.

As a Lactation Consultant (CBS), and a Certified Nutritional Health Coach with foundational training in Child Development and Psychology, I’m a keen advocate for preventative intervention through education, and one of my main commitments for holistic child, and parent health, is to provide natural solutions for newborn and infant pain with parent education that is focused on eliminating the crippling symptoms of colic, reflux, silent reflux, and the witching hour once and for all from our world.  Yes, that can be done, and by natural means. It’s what I love to do!

I'm a speaker, writer, author, Mum, detail attentive newborn and infant activist, meditator, quantum physics lover, dabbling artist and creator. Oh, I'm also a self-described advocate for common sense, I love all things nature, the colour green and my morning coffee.


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